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What is the telescopic bleachers ? This article will give you the answer

Sports is an educational process that develops the body, strengthens the physique, imparts knowledge and skills for physical exercise, and cultivates moral and volitional qualities; it is a process of cultivating and shaping the human body; it is an important part of education; it is a process of cultivating all-round development an important aspect. Therefore, sports facilities are a very important condition for people to develop sports. So when we usually participate in some sports activities in the stadium, whether it is spectators or athletes, we need a very important infrastructure, that is the stadium seats, which are not only a place for athletes to rest, but also a place for spectators to cheer. Therefore, a modernly designed gymnasium must be equipped with an advanced telescopic grandstand seating system.

Bleachers also known as telescopic grandstand or mobile grandstand. The telescopic grandstand is composed of seats, pedals, stepped vertical boards, and retractable bottom brackets. At the same time, the system has a variety of different row pitches and step heights to meet the requirements of space and line of sight. Its expansion and contraction methods are divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully electric operations. Because of its flexibility, it has a variety of different storage methods: Wall-mounted, free-standing, mobile, wall-mounted and inverted.

The main feature of the telescopic grandstand is to save space. It can be used freely according to different activities or projects, and can make full use of the space, making the venue space diversified and flexible, and improving the utilization rate of the venue. The telescopic grandstand consists of a seat system, a steel frame mechanical system, and an electromechanical system. It is the best choice for indoor stadiums. The creative multifunctional conversion concept can meet the sports requirements of different teams, open the way for more challenging public gatherings, make limited space for unlimited applications, and bring a new concept for stadium seating.

The telescopic grandstand uses a European standard positioning system, and a unique positioning device is designed to push and pull and lock each rack when the rack is telescopic. The unique upper guide rail design of the product makes the movement of the stand more stable. Through the cooperation of the upper guide rail and the lower guide rail, it can ensure that the movable stand does not deviate when it is stretched to reach the height of the stand.

In fact, for the telescopic grandstands of stadiums in practical applications, it is often composed of seats, pedals, step risers, and telescopic bottom brackets. At the same time, the system has a variety of different row spacings and step heights to meet the space and line of sight. It is precisely because of this that telescopic grandstands are widely used in various large-scale sports venues, schools and multi-functional conference halls, exhibition halls, theaters, concert halls, etc. The function of the venue for the use of telescopic grandstands can be brought into full play to meet the diversified needs of various venues. Due to its retractable nature, the venue function using the telescopic grandstand can be maximized, and it can also consolidate to meet the diverse needs of various venues.

The reason why the telescopic grandstand of the stadium is outstanding is that it is made of high-strength moisture-proof polypropylene and special self-extinguishing resin injection molding. It has been tested for high and low temperature resistance and artificial accelerated aging, and has a long service life. The event stand has obvious characteristics, novel planning, precise technology, long service life and impact resistance.

The common oblique support system of the telescopic grandstands of stadiums provides the most stable and reliable load support; the largest lower interconnection rail provides strong support and more balanced forces; the strong upper interconnection rail ensures stable operation; convenient and reliable row lock planning prevent accidental closing of the system; all pillars are fixed with supporting bolts to ensure stability and reliability; integrally formed continuous main and auxiliary main supports to avoid possible cracks and accidents caused by welding; no screws or hardened parts are exposed on the pedals. Slot and slot joints to ensure safety.

In the current stadiums, the use of retractable grandstands can maximize your space utilization, which can be easily expanded and retracted manually or electrically. The telescopic grandstand runs quietly and smoothly, and the close cooperation of each component is designed to improve the smooth operation of the system. The final result makes our telescopic grandstand unique. The telescopic grandstand runs quieter, the telescopic grandstand bears more safely, and the telescopic grandstand is more convenient to use.


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