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Under the epidemic situation, JUYI international business office get orders from Vietnam

At present, the epidemic in Southeast Asia is getting worse with the raging epidemic in India, which has resulted in the implementation of a lot of Southeast Asian countries once again. For China, the foreign trade situation has once again been severely challenged. Fortunately, even in this difficult situation, we have still received an order from a customer in Vietnam. Vietnam is also one of Asia’s top economies, not as big as many developed countries, but in recent years it has been a dark horse in terms of infrastructure and investment. We are lucky to cooperate with our customers in Vietnam once again and become the supplier of seating products to a large local builder, which also adds a bright color to the international status of Chinese manufacturing.


First of all, about this order, it should be all down to the team of our international department. This order was not easy. Processes from the initial customer communications, technical communications, customer confirmation of delivery details, and finally payments were not that smooth. It was very challenging, all of which acquire a better skills of business exchanges.

Since 2019, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) became China’s second largest trading partner, the largest trade partner have been the European Union. We should catch this market under the reality that it’s getting more difficult to expand business in the US. Market.The association of south-east Asian nations (asean), a total of 10 countries: Vietnam, Laos Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines. The official language of Vietnam, China’s largest trading partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is Vietnamese. If anyone wants to do business in Vietnam, they have to have a personal interaction with their partners, meaning that being in touch with decision makers and building relationships is very important. Business in Vietnam is very personal. For the Vietnamese, being “one of us” or being considered “one of us” has the absolute advantages, and the significant factors between success and failure. In doing business in Vietnam, relationships are so important that you can’t achieve anything without it. Sentiment always comes first in business. Vietnamese people pay great attention to etiquette, they usually go see their family and friends during festivals.

Our successful cooperation with Vietnamese customers is also based on the technology and functionality of the products. The telescopic grandstand produced by our company has a certain influence and necessity in the seat industry. Compared with other traditional fixed seats, telescopic stands have advantages which could meet the functional needs of seats, and strive for more use space for users. In many engineering cases in the world, JUYI INDUSTRY has been constantly paid attention to.

As always, our team will actively develop the market in Southeast Asia as always, hoping to improve our business level, obtain more project resources and achieve more project cooperation with the help of some experience in negotiating customers in the future.


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