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Shanghai Sporting Goods Expo Ended Successfully

Shanghai sporting goods Expo ended successfully. JUYI Industry once again ignited the audience.

On May 22, 2021, the highly anticipated Shanghai Sports Expo 2021 came to a perfect conclusion. As Asia’s largest and most authoritative sporting goods exhibition, it has given full play to the role of the industry’s high-quality resource exchange and exchange platform, and is a great opportunity for enterprises. It creates opportunities for direct dialogue with customers, and is also an important window to show strength to the world.

As a professional manufacturer of cultural and sports comprehensive equipment and facilities, and a cultural and sports system integrator, Chongqing Juyi Industry Co., Ltd. has brand-new products—all aluminum alloy student apartment beds, retractable event stands (for stadiums/complex halls), and aluminum alloy liftable The mobile assembly stage, stadium seats, and other novel, unique design sense and high quality, made a stunning appearance at this sporting goods expo.

During the exhibition, leaders, guests and audiences who visited the booth of Juyi Industry experienced various series of products and expressed their high recognition for the products of Juyi Industry that deeply integrated culture, sports and education. At present, Chongqing Juyi Industry’s full series of aluminum alloy desks and chairs, student apartment beds, retractable event stands, stadium seats, liftable mobile stages, and other products have been spread all over the country.

In this Shanghai Sports Expo, Juyi Industry showcased the design concepts ranging from traditional classic styles to novel and unique brand-new venue seats and school apartment beds. Every moment of pride is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of every employee of Juyi Industrial. Whether it is at the exhibition, the office, or even the front-line employees of the production department, they actively participated in this event, which is a perfect interpretation. The enterprise spirit of “Gathering Popularity, Striving for No. 1”.

In these 4 days, Juyi Industry has attracted many customers and visitors in the industry with its strong product strength and novel and bright booth design. They come from all over the country, and even from all over the world. Visitors are constantly coming and the scene is unusual. Hot. Juyi Industry is very grateful for your coming and support. In the future, we will surely move forward and bring you better and more professional services!

Here, Juyi Industry would like to say to every staff member in front of and behind the scenes who participated in the Shanghai Sports Expo: Thank you for your hard work, your hard work!

Although the 2021 sports expo has ended, we will not stop our pace, always be customer-centric, provide customers with higher-quality products and more professional and complete services, and contribute to the development of China’s sports. .

See you in Shanghai in 2022 !



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