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Remember these 5 points and tell you what is telescopic seating

The telescopic seating systemis composed of seats, pedals, stepped vertical boards, and telescopic bottom brackets. At the same time, the system has a variety of different row spacing and step heights to meet the requirements of space and line of sight. Its operating modes are divided into manual, semi-automatic and electric Operation, because of its flexibility, it has a variety of different storage methods, wall-mounted, free-standing, mobile, wall-mounted and inverted.

  1. Each step of the telescopic seating system is a cantilever beam integral frame, and the same step of each stand unit is composed of columns and supports of the same height.
  2. The height of the columns of different stages is changed with a certain modulus to construct a certain height difference Staircase stands.
  3. Place a row of seats on each step (or one row and two rows), placed at the front (front) or rear (rear) of each step.
  4. Each stand unit is equipped with an independent power system, the power system expands and contracts the entire stand unit by telescoping the first step (ie the lowest step).
  5. The turnover of the seat is completed by pedal, manual, electric and other actions due to the turnover mechanism under the seat.

The main advantages of seating system are their high flexibility, safety and high value. The creative multi-functional conversion concept can meet the sports requirements of different teams, open the way for more challenging public gatherings, make limited space for unlimited applications, and bring a new concept for stadium seating. It can be widely used in various large stadiums, schools and multi-functional conference halls, exhibition halls, theaters, concert halls, etc. The function of the venue using the telescopic seating systemcan be brought into full play; to meet the diversified needs of various venues.


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