Seat For The Stadium BLM-1800

Product name :   Stadium Seating Price BLM-1800

Blowing stadium seats :

BLM-1811 type ( Floor mounted type ),

BLM-1827 type (Stand feet type),

BLM-1808 type (Riser mounted type)

Color : Panton

Dimension(H*D*W) :   315mm*460mm*400mm

Product Details:

Product name :  Seat For The Stadium BLM-1800

Size (H*D*W): 315mm*460mm*400mm

Seat installation instructions:

A: Floor mounted type ;  model: BLM-1811

B:     Stand feet type      ;  model: BLM-1827

C: Riser mounted type ;   model: BLM-1808


Seat material description:

1. Plastic Seats material: high density polyethylene(HDPE)

  1. The design, selection and installation of the seat are matched with the design of the gymnasium. It is beautiful, comfortable, safe and durable, and is easy to install, maintain and manage. The chair surface adopts a hollow blow molding manufacturing process and is formed by high-density polyethylene material (HDPE) in one time. The utility model has the characteristics that the seat surface has round and round corners, the molecular weight is concentrated, the bonding strength at the joint seam is high, the aging resistance and the impact resistance are excellent.
  2. The thinnest part of the seat is not less than 4mm. The most concave part is provided with a water seepage hole to ensure that there is no water in the seat surface. The seat weight is 2.7KG, the weight deviation is ±100g, the seat can carry >200kg, and it is resistant to impact. The seat surface is loaded with 960N×100,000 times, and the back of the chair is loaded with 330N×100,000 times. The seat is resistant to high and low temperatures from +80 °C to -60 °C. Overall service life ≥10 years


  1. Seat stand feet :  aluminum alloy
  2. Bracket: It adopts precision aluminum die-casting suspension bracket. The surface is polished and sprayed (the same color as the seat color). It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, high strength, impact resistance and non-corrosion.
  3. Connecting the round tube: the outer diameter is Φ32 thick galvanized tube, the end of the round tube is sealed with rubber plug

Installation method:

Suspended installation, fixed by M10×110 expansion bolts to the side wall of the concrete step


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