Home Theater Seating JY-616

Product Details:

Product name :Home Theater Seating JY-616

Size (H*D*W): 1040mm×720mm×580mm

GB/T10802-2006、GB/T10802-2006、GB/T10807-2006、JISL 1902:2008 industry standard.


Product name :Home Theater Seating JY-616


(I) Main technical parameters:

Chair height     1040mm Chair Center width           580mm
Sitting height      430-460mm Step width       ≥900mm
Armrest Height       580mm Armrest length         410mm
Armrest width       80mm Foam density       35-50kg / m3
Chair depth       480mm Chair maximum load           150kg
Chair width       580-590mm Number of seat flips         150,000

(2) Seat structure:

The seat is composed of an armrest (including a rolled steel skeleton, a supporting foot, a sealing plate), a backrest, a seat (including a fabric, a steel structural skeleton, and polyurethane foam) and a connection flip structure.

(Three) performance characteristics:

1. The back seat cushion adopts “three-in-one” technology which tightly combines fabric, foamed polyurethane and metal structure, which is more durable and does not deform.
2. The seat board is made of high-quality multilayer plywood with unique sound absorption holes, which has perfect sound absorption function.

3. The backboard is made of high quality multilayer plywood.
4. The seat cushion is flipped up using an automatic double spring rebound design, with accurate reset and low noise.
5. The armrest panel uses solid wood armrests, which are durable and durable.
6. The foot and armrest are polished with high-quality aluminum die-casting surface, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful.

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