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Introduction of stadium seats technology and raw materials

Introduction of stadium seats technology and raw materials:

  1. Blow molding: Blow molding uses gas pressure to inflate the hot parison closed in the mold into a hollow product, or the tube parison is inflated into a tube film without a mold. The raw materials for blow molding are usually polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, thermoplastic polyester, etc. Among them, polyethylene is the most used, and polyethylene is commonly used in gymnasium chairs.
  2. Injection molding: injection molding is to melt plastic materials, and then inject them into the film cavity to form. The raw materials for injection molding are usually thermoplastics or thermosetting materials, which are often used in industries such as mobile phones, computer appliances, electronics, and toys.

The production of our stadium seats adopts imported high-density polyethylene, masterbatch, UV absorber, anti-aging agent, and one-time hollow blow molding process, with good material stability, beautiful appearance, firm structure, long service life, and sufficient flexibility. , Impact resistance and other advantages, the color can be prepared according to user needs. Our common styles are: flat seats, low back seats, middle back seats, high back seats, folding seats.

Flat seats

Low back seats Middle back seats High back seats Folding seats
05 series 25 series 13 series 14 series

46 series



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