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Ding! Your Order For Stadium Seats and Telescopic Grandstands with American New Customer Has Been Completed

Ding! Your Order For Stadium Seats and Telescopic Grandstands with American New Customer Has Been Completed

May is about to pass, and the hot June is coming soon

Not only the weather gets hot

Our foreign trade consultants in order to obtain orders

It’s also in full swing

On 5.20, a special date full of love

The International Business Department ushered in two large orders in the Americas

Customer Introduction

Customer Region: Colombia

Customer Needs: stadium seats, telescopic grandstands

Customer Communication:

The customer has legal import qualifications and is engaged in construction projects in Colombia. We had contacted with customers at the exhibition before. We uphold the service concept that every customer deserves high attention. We actively record and keep the buyer’s contact information and other information, and have been in friendly contact with customers since then.

Order Transaction Process

After the exhibition, Ms Mei, our gold medal foreign trade consultant in the Americas, took the initiative to ask buyers’ needs, and then quickly and accurately recommended the corresponding models of products to customers according to the engineering site. Mei and its members have persisted time and time again. After explaining the product and analyzing the advantages of the product, the doubts of the customer continued to be eliminated. Finally, on the special day of May 20 this year, we reached a cooperation with us for the first time and placed two large orders for stadium seats and telescopic grandstands from our company.

Of course, during this period, we also encountered some problems with unacceptable cooperation in serving customers, but our service team has always adhered to the service philosophy of “services need to be face to face” and “solving problems is more important than explaining the reasons”, and go directly to the customer’s company , Face the customer to solve the problem, let the customer sigh: the service is in place! It can be seen that the high-quality promotion effect and considerate service have made customers trust and support our company.

Product Photo

Model: BLM-2511


▲ Distinctive features: Novel design, fine craftsmanship, long service life, impact resistance, etc.

▲ Excellent material: The injection-molded chair is made of imported high-strength polyethylene, and the international industry standard special plastics, pigments, and antioxidants can prevent wear and fading.

▲ Excellent strength: In line with international standards, mechanical properties exceed national standards.

Model: JY-768

▲ Small structure, easy to build and disassemble, basic structure and special parts are all standard and modular.

▲ The joint structure is reasonable, the operation is easy, and it is light and simple. Large carrying capacity. The structure has high strength, overall stability, safety and reliability.

▲ The component series are standardized, which is convenient for transportation and management.

▲ The armrest frame of the mobile grandstand seat is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and resistant to corrosion in a humid environment; it will not deform or crack in a high temperature environment; it has a long service life and can meet a variety of complex cross-sections. demand.

▲ Pollution-free production process. Meet the current green environmental protection requirements. Modular design makes installation and maintenance simple.

Finally, we JUYI are very grateful to domestic customers for their long-term support and trust in our company. On this occasion, the China Sport Show is in full swing. We sincerely look forward to your visit and look forward to your arrival on May19th to22nd in Shanghai of the booth 5.1D216


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