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Chongqing JUYI Industrial Co., Ltd. Cooperates with German Customers Again to Create brilliance together

The impression that Germans give everyone is rigorous, conservative, meticulous thinking, efficient, attention to details, abiding by contracts, and advocating contracts. This is especially true for German businessmen. Their requirements for products, suppliers, and various service details are among the highest in the world. In other words, when you have a German customer, you win the highest trust.

German customers are very cautious when selecting suppliers. This process is very uneasy for the suppliers, but at the same time it is happy. In the initial stage of cooperation, the Germans’ understanding of the product can be as detailed as the qualifications of the product raw material suppliers, the qualifications of the practitioners, physical and mental health, and so on. The strictness of foreign trade clauses can be comparable to legal clauses, with careful consideration of each word. The requirements for after-sales service are also the extent to which the supplier makes every effort. But after you have gone through the thorny road, you will be greeted by a great road. It can be said that when they choose you, they will be your most sincere and loyal partners.

Chongqing Juyi Industrial Company has such a loyal German customer. The communication process a few years ago can be said to be very difficult. From various company qualifications to product information, from design communication to various inquiries. Various documents, improving technical forms, and modifying design drawings to the first order at the end.The whole process lasted about a year. Of course, our after-sales service is also very good. After the product arrives at the customer, we have made meticulous return visits and suggestions regarding product quality and installation issues. So in the next few years, when German customers place an order, they only need to inform us of the quantity, and then make the payment directly. Our company will directly produces and ships according to the predetermined product requirements and terms.

During the May 1st International Labor Day, when everyone was on vacation, our sincere German customer placed an order to our company. With the continuous expansion of Covid-19 globally, the cooperation between German customers and us has been inseparable, and its significance is far greater than that of business partners, and it is more like family care.

They can continue to trust and support our company as always. It is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of all employees of Juyi Industry, as well as the mutual trade and exchange mechanism established for us by China. We will do our best to provide customers with higher-quality and better-designed products, and make due contributions to the splendor and splendor of Made in China in the world.


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