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Appreciate Kuwait’s customer place order for new project again

Appreciate Kuwait’s customer place order for new project again, JUYI provide the perfect solutions for the small and medium-sized venues.

The first order

Time: early 2016

Demand: telescopic grandstand seating system

Application place: school lecture hall

Country: Kuwait

For the first contact,The Kuwait client provided hand-drawn drawings of their venue. Based on the venue of he provided, we designed a plan to deal with this venue through the technical department. Because considering his budget and the accessories he wants.

Time: early 2020

Scheme: JY-706 manual telescopic grandstand, the maximum capacity design of the school lecture hall.

He suddenly placed an order. He said that our plan is still very attractive to him. He purchased JY-706 telescopic grandstands. This is a relatively inexpensive grandstand that requires manual deployment. The application is very suitable in their school.

Time: mid-2020

Solution: JY-706 retractable bleacher, suitable for the load-bearing design of the lecture hall.

Time: early 2021

Solution: JY-706 manual telescopic grandstand, suitable for the best budget design.

In the past few years, JUYI still maintained good communication with our clients. When he want to know knowledge what he don’t understand, JUYI provide more professional design and display to solve. In the same year in 2020, two consecutive orders were placed. For different venues, JUYI made different design plans. Although it is the same product, the accessories and placement are different. The number of seats in the grandstand was probably in the thousands. The order placed 3 times in a row fully reflects that the integrated and meticulous service makes customers feel that the purchase is worthwhile, the purchase is guaranteed, and the purchase is comfortable. JUYI has experience in solving various venues. Especially for small and medium-sized venues, judgments and designs can be made quickly. Let customers make more choices in the first time.

Notes of measurements of project site:

1. Project site measurement for installing telescopic seating system (thelength/width/height).

2. Architectural setting of installed range of field,like doors,windows,girders,pillars,balconies,steps etc. Need indication correct position and size.

3. Other facility of installed range of site

Like:heating installation,air-conditioning,lighting equipment(is there anydroplight)etc.Indication correct position and size,at same time,should clear whether the equipments can be moved in the specified space.It will be considering as a whole processing of the design.

4. Ensure the decorate status of installation range of site:

Including placement and packaging of heating installation, air conditioning etc. the decorate covers an area of doors,windows,girders,pillars.the space of the droplight.

5. Ground area of installation area at site:

Including ground processing form, completion date, loading capacity etc.

6. Installation area of site and other construction conditions:

Completion date which including decorate and other construction parts. General requirements, at the period of installation and examination, to avoid damage and slow down, does not allow any other constructors doing construction in the same site. Except in exceptional circumstances.

7. Provide simple drawing

The drawing should including all the necessary information.


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