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A comprehensive introduction to stadium seats

Stadium seats are very important supporting facilities for stadiums. A stadium with an investment of several to hundreds of millions of dollars serves two types of people who enter the stadium, one type of athletes who participate in physical exercise and competition, and the other type is Audience. Stadiums are also carriers of sports and culture. In addition to national fitness, a gymnasium is also an excellent place for various cultural, sports and entertainment performances. In some schools in developed countries, the school’s gymnasium and teaching area are relatively independent areas. The gymnasium also undertakes various types of cultural and sports activities in the surrounding communities of the school, which makes the seating design of the stadium more diversified.

Types of stadium seats

Regarding the seats of the stadium, many workers who are new to the construction of the stadium often confuse the stands and the seats. In fact, the stands and the seats are related and distinguished. The stands refer to the buildings with the bottom support structure and the seats. Objects (concrete or steel structure), seats refer to various types of chairs installed on the stands.

1. Choice of stadium seat style

The choice of seat styles for stadiums is often closely related to the level, function, and budget of the investor. If the venue is positioned at a high-end, high-standard events or professional conference and performing arts functions are required, you need to choose a folding seat with backrest and armrests, or even a sofa with a sofa if the budget permits. With soft seats, the grade of the entire stadium will be even more improved. If it is just an ordinary community or school venue, considering the good cost performance and maintenance and use after completion, then the integrated plastic seat will be a good choice. If the budget is limited, the aluminum bench seat will be used, or Plastic single seat without backrest can also be considered.

2. Classification of stadium seats

(1) According to the production method, it can be divided into:
a. Injection molding chair; b. Hollow blow molding chair.

(2) According to the shape of the seat, it can be divided into:
a. Flat chair; b. Low back chair; c. Middle back chair; d. High back chair; e. Split (turnover) chair.

(3) According to the installation method, it can be divided into:
a. Flat mounting with iron feet; b. Side mounting with iron feet; c. Vertical mounting with iron feet; d. Side mounting with aluminum feet; e. Vertical mounting with aluminum feet.

(4) Optional accessories and others:
a. Armrest; b. Soft cushion; c. Coffee table stand; d. Moving feet; e. Add anti-aging agent; f. Add flame retardant g. Various colors

Good wear resistance: The hollow blow molding seat material has good toughness and excellent environmental stress crack resistance.

Good hydrophobicity: Will not affect the appearance of the chair surface due to fruit juice and sewage pollution.
Color stability: The color masterbatch of the seat is made of imported color masterbatch, which can ensure the long-lasting and bright color of the seat, and there will be no obvious fading, discoloration and cracking of the toilet surface after many years.

(5) Special technical measures
According to the outdoor open air environment, corresponding technical measures are taken for the installation of outdoor stand seats:
1) Imported light stabilizer is added during the production process of the seat to ensure the long-lasting and bright color of the seat; the metal fixing parts of the seat are phosphated and pickled, and treated with rust and corrosion.
2) The seat surface is designed with self-draining holes, which will not accumulate water due to rain; the seat has a good self-cleaning surface layer; the seat is firmly connected to the ground, and the stability hole is waterproofed to prevent leakage Leakage situation.
3) The seat has sufficient strength and anti-shake ability, and it is installed in groups to prevent the action of one seat from affecting the surrounding seats.

3. The material of the stadium seat

At this stage, there are three main types of seat materials for stadiums: plastic seats, metal seats, and plastic plus soft seats. Plastic seats have the characteristics of high cost performance, excellent environmental adaptability and rich color matching, and have been tried out by most venues. Metal seats have the characteristics of simple form and structure, convenient and quick processing and installation. For example, the entire aluminum alloy bar stool seat has been widely used in outdoor stands in European and American countries. Plastic and soft seats are mainly used in high-end indoor stadiums. This type of seat has a variety of styles and a comfortable human sitting. At the same time, its surface is covered with soft sofas, which can take into account the acoustic function of the stadium. The cost of this type of seat It is also the most expensive of these three types of seats.

(1) Seat surface: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) hollow blow molding process, excellent environmentally friendly masterbatch and stabilizer are used, with strong anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, anti-static, stability and Very strong acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, and water repellency. It contains a steel frame, which is stylish, beautiful and has a sense of covering.

(2) Folding: Two independent hinge systems, all closed, permanently lubricated, lined with keel structure, with strong impact resistance.

(3) Feet: It is made of high-quality steel pipe, surface phosphate treatment, electrostatic spraying. The beam structure design allows the seat to be flexibly adjusted according to site requirements during installation.

(4) Design load:
a. Uniform static load ≥272Kg
b. Static load before and after ≥204Kg
c. Handrail static load≥90Kg
d. Seat size: chair depth 560mm, chair width 450mm, back height 570mm, arrangement center distance 495-550mm.

4. Advantages of stadium seats (HDPE material)

(1) Easy to shape, not easy to deform. It is easy to shape because its main material is plastic and its melting point is relatively low. It can be manufactured with a model. After the mold is fixed, it can be quickly cooled and shaped. It can be made into a high back, middle back, low back, no back, or even Folding type; not easy to deform, also because of its plastic properties, strong pressure resistance, strong elasticity, especially blow-molded seats, due to the hollow structure, so it can withstand particularly strong, a weight of two to three hundred kilograms Of the audience sitting on it didn’t have much influence.

(2) It is easy to color, customized pattern text, beautiful and generous. Both injection and blow molding seats are made of plastic masterbatch particles and high temperature fusion, so we can often see colorful seats in stadiums, such as the sky blue and sea blue of the Beijing Olympic Games, and the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. White and red embellishment, the pattern formed by multiple seats, finally presents a beautiful pattern.

(3) Anti-UV, not afraid of wind and sun. Nowadays, many seat manufacturers have incorporated anti-UV materials into the plastic particles, and the seats have been exposed to outdoor wind and sun for more than ten years without any damage or color difference.

(4) The cost is lower. The raw materials of plastics are relatively low compared to other seats, especially for large stadiums. When installing tens of thousands of seats, the price and cost are an important factor considered by the builders.

Color matching scheme for stadium seats

Color is one of the most expressive elements, because its nature directly affects people’s emotions, and color is one of the most important factors that constitute visual beauty. The colorful and colorful scenery of nature will bring people a happy mood, and the excellent artificial color matching can also give people a beautiful enjoyment. Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing personalization, even the color matching of stadiums is no exception. Choosing an excellent color matching scheme for stadium seats can instantly enhance the taste of the stadium and the overall environment.

Single color block method: The stands of the stadium only use a single color matching the background of the stadium, which can realize the neatness of the stadium and give people a simple and atmospheric experience. For example, the following three colors are the most used single colors:

Red is the most perceptible color among all colors. There is a wave of energy ready to be exploded. It is easily reminiscent of images such as the sun and flames. It can bring a powerful visual impact and is exciting, lively and happy. The impression is full of power. Used in sports venues, more powerfully highlight the fiery sports.

Blue is a calm and intellectual color, which means freedom, communication and peace. It will remind people of the infinitely extending open and profound feeling of sea and sky. It has the power of insight into people’s hearts while creating trust. . Used in stadiums, it visually brings clarity and refreshment to sports.

Green is the color of nature. It gives people a feeling of freshness, health and hope. It represents a sense of safety, peace and comfort. It is a “flexible” color. It is a color that stimulates sports on the sports field.

Multi-color block method: Separate the stands of the stadium with 2-4 colors for processing. The area division is clear and distinguishable, which can highlight the overall environment of the stadium. For example, the combination of two colors full of tension, red and orange, is like a spring of vitality and passion, bringing people infinite passion and desire.

Pattern color matching method: In a single color, by adding other colors to arrange the pattern logo or identification text, it has a strong expressive force.

Gradient color method: The color is excessively gradual from light to dark or from dark to light, so that the stadium seats present a lively and coordinated unique charm in the dislocation of the color depth.

What is a comfortable stadium seat like ?

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people like to watch sports games in stadiums and gymnasiums. However, it usually takes more than an hour to watch a game, which means that we have to sit in the stadium for at least an hour. At this time, the comfort of the seats is particularly important, which directly affects our interest in watching the game and our health. . First of all, if you sit uncomfortably, it will affect your body’s comfort during the game. After a game, you will feel more tired than the athlete. Secondly, factors such as the height, softness and hardness of the seat, and the angle of the backrest also directly affect the health of the lumbar spine. Therefore, comfortable seats not only enable the audience to have a better watching experience, but also protect the health of the audience’s lumbar spine. So, what kind of seat is comfortable to sit on?

It is ergonomic. If possible, you can choose a chair with armrests to support your elbows and relieve pressure on your waist. The seat height of the seat should be slightly smaller than the length of the calves, that is, the calves can be placed on the ground naturally when sitting, neither hanging nor too flexed, and the knee joints are naturally bent at about 90°, so that you will not sit for a long time acid.

The best backrest angle. The backrest angle is different, the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc is different. The backrest angle reaches 90°, and the waist is not cushioned. At this time, the pressure in the lumbar intervertebral disc is the largest; and when the backrest angle reaches 110°, place a Cushion, the pressure in the lumbar intervertebral disc can be reduced to a minimum, so as not to sit for a long time and back pain.


Stadium seating is a relatively complex procurement project during the construction of the gymnasium, because different materials, styles, colors, installation methods, and budgetary costs need to be considered, and they need to be divided into civil structure, power distribution, evacuation passages, interior decoration, etc. For item coordination, it is also necessary to consider fire protection laws and regulations, evacuation requirements, line of sight analysis, etc. When the design institute involves the deepening of the design of the stands of professional stadiums, it generally only provides a basic outline of the seat arrangement, and rarely involves the style of the seat and the installation method of the seat. It is often to wait until the civil construction of the project is basically completed and enter the interior decoration stage before looking for a professional seat manufacturer to further deepen the design of the seat. Therefore, the participation of professional spectator seat manufacturers in seat selection, program discussion, and design deepening in the early stage of the project is of great significance to the purchase of spectator seats.


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